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Special Event! Annual Student Production


"Intrepid inspector Ingrid of Interpol and the Crimson-Caped Killer Caper"

By Kerry Bean

Directed by Tyler Cook


It’s New Year’s Eve, 1966.  The Spring Falls Community Library is hosting a Super Hero-themed costume party.  On display is a mint-condition copy of the rarest of rare first volume comic books: Uranium Man!   It’s worth a fortune- and it’s rumored to contain encrypted plans for a secret weapon with powers beyond the realms of human imagination!

Soon, foul play is afoot as various shady characters try to steal Uranium Man for their own nefarious reasons.  And the dastardliness doesn’t stop there!  Blood is surreptitiously spilled on the Library’s avocado-colored shag carpet as the craven criminals crassly create chaos as means to their own evil ends!

But standing heroically in their way are intrepid Inspector Ingrid of Interpol and her faithful assistant Dr. Bob the Medical Examiner.  Will they be able to thwart the thieves, catch the killers, and somehow save the world?   Probably not.  But will sure be fun to watch them try.

Every performance will feature a unique ending, as no one in the cast will know who the villainous villains are until the conclusion.  So audience members can get in on the act and select their most suspicious suspects.  If you guess correctly- and your name is drawn first- then you win a grand prize! 

Kazam! is a “musical murder mystery melodrama” invoking slapstick, running gags, unforgivable puns, gaping plot holes,  and  deliciously original songs.  It is a full-length play with intermission (during which, tasty desserts and beverages will be served).  It is set in the 1960s as a nod to the founding of Parkland College in 1967 and has been commissioned as the student production for the Parkland Theatre’s 2016-17 season.

February 9, 10, 11 at 7:30pm
February 11, 12 at 3pm
Presented in Parkland Theatre's Second Stage

*All performances are SOLD OUT


if you would like to be added to our waiting list

please contact or

call 351-2528.


All Tickets $10






Narrator - HeatherAnn Layman
Ingrid - Diane Pritchard
Dr. Bob - Curt Deedrich
Paige Turner - Aubrey Brown
Philomena Folio - Erin Kaufman
Ivan Hoe - Jacob Smith
Roman Numeral - David Heckman
Louise LaPenne - Stacy Walker
Rex Flexall - Robert Hartmann
Sunshine - Hannah Longest
Dawn E. Brooke - Courtney Bruner
Chorus McBorus - Gennie Applebee, Courtney Bruner, Tafadzwa Diener, and Samantha Odendaal


"To request disability-related accommodations, please contact Parkland Theatre at 2 weeks notice is required.”



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