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Memphis Cast List



Thank you to everyone who came out to audition. We are very fortunate to have so much outstanding talent in our community. We appreciate your commitment to theatre and hope to see you at our spring auditions in December.



Director Jeff Dare


Cast List:

Huey Calhoun - Jake Fava

Felicia Farrell - Zoe Branch

Delray Jones/Be Black Trio - Prince Robertson

Gladys (Mama) - Jenny Gleason

Bobby - Joe Jeffries

Gator/Be Black Trio - Preston Roseborough

Mr. Simmons - Peter Barrett

Wailin Jo/Someday Backup Singer - J'Lyn Hope

Someday Backup Singer/DoubleDutch/Ensemble - Chrissy Mauck

Someday Backup Singer/Ensemble - Madelyn Childress

Double Dutch/Ensemble - Alahna Van Matre

Black DJ/Be Black Trio/Reverend Hobson - Rijaal Akbar

White Mother/Ensemble - Liz Martin

Teenager/Ensemble - Emma Loewenstein

Perry Como/Frank Dryer/Brawler/Ensemble - Quinton Ohlsson

Buck Wiley/Martin Holton/Ensemble - Ray Essick

White DJ/Mr. Collins/White Father/Gordon Grant/Ensemble - Shane Coats

Brawler/Ensemble - Parker Evans

Clara/Ensemble - Megan Spinella

Ethel/Ensemble - Olivia Nelshoppen

Ensemble - Terron Miller

Ensemble  - Grace Wilson-Danenhower

Ensemble - Estella Samii

Ensemble - Janhavi Kolhe

Ensemble - Remy Saymiknha




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