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Spring Auditions


Cast Lists




Narrator - HeatherAnn Layman
Ingrid - Diane Pritchard
Dr. Bob - Curt Deedrich
Paige Turner - Aubrey Brown
Philomena Folio - Erin Kaufman
Ivan Hoe - Jacob Smith
Roman Numeral - David Heckman
Louise LaPenne - Stacy Walker
Rex Flexall - Robert Hartmann
Sunshine - Hannah Longest
Dawn E. Brooke - Courtney Bruner
Chorus McBorus - Gennie Applebee, Courtney Bruner, Tafadzwa Diener, and Samantha Odendaal


A great big thank you to all of those who came out and auditioned!


The first read through will be Wednesday, December 7 at 7 p.m.



Anything Goes


Thank you to everyone who came and shared their talent, courage, and passion with us at auditions. Please remember, casting is selecting, not rejecting. It’s always a difficult process. Everyone who auditioned should be proud of what they presented.


Reno Sweeney – Malia Andrus
Hope Harcourt – Abby Gailey
Billy Crocker – Ray Essick
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh – Jake Smith
Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt – Jenny Gleason
Moonface Martin – Jeff Dare
Erma – Tafadzwa Diener
Elisha Whitney – David Heckman

Captain – Dennis Sims
Purser – Liz Martin
Minister – John Tilford
Luke – Joel Shoemaker
John – Craig Smith
Bartender - Brad “Gil” Yohnka
FBI Agent - Nick Henson


Reno’s Angels/Featured Dancers - Whitney Havice, Erin Kaufman, Lauren Weisbaum, Ruth Zielke


Sailor Quartet - Pete Barrett, Quinton Ohlsson, Dennis Sims, Brad “Gil” Yohnka


Featured Dancers - Pete Barrett, Tyler Cook, Megan Cott, Alina Loewenstein, Sarah Rosenberg, Ethan Smith, Susan Zielke


Ensemble/Additional Roles - Nick Henson, Liz Martin, Samantha Odendad, Amber Sarno, Joel Shoemaker, Dennis Sims, Craig Smith, John Tilford




































































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